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Eric Montross and Tyler Hansbrough's bloody faces will forever be remembered in the North Carolina-Duke rivalry. Perhaps, it is because we American's just love a good fight, but these are two of the most remembered and played back clips from the rivalry.

In Eric Montross' case, the blood was a result of a long day's work banging inside against Duke's big men. He is especially remembered for knocking in two free throws while the cameras zoomed in on the cuts on his face.
Montross, now a radio voice for the Tar Heels, probably gets asked about that incident every week.

Hansbrough, on the other hand, was playing minutes toward the end of a game North Carolina had wrapped- up. Winning 84-72 with 15 seconds on the clock, Hansbrough is still trying to score. Perhaps, Gerald Henderson though Hansbrough was sticking it to the Blue Devils and took matters into his own hands. While it is still debatable, Henderson definitely took an unncesessary slap at the ball, and ultimately Hansbrough's nose, that is not usually seen in the game of basketball. Let us point it this way: it was not a typical basketball defensive move.

Hansbrough was visibly upset, and if not for the referees and teammates we would have seen a brawl. That would have only added to the lore.

Both incidents were in the battle, and part of the rivalry. They will be played every time the rivalry comes around, and will never get old.

It is just a reminder that the rivalry continues on even until the last second ticks off the clock. I hope the rivalry never ends.

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