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The Music City Bowl is in the past. National Signing Day is over. North Carolina football fans: what can you watch for? Here are five ideas:
  1. A new defensive line coach: Butch Davis will be hiring a new defensive line coach soon. The Heels have gone through three defensive line coaches this year. The first one was John Blake who was replaced by Charlie Coiner who was replaced by Brian Baker. It has not been a good year on the defensive line.
A new strength and conditioning coach: Look for this replacement, soon, as well. Presumably, before spring practice begins. They could hire an assistant strength and conditioning coach or hire from outside, amongst Butch Davis' numerous contacts. Do not look over this hire because in every sports, particularly football, strength and conditioning is vitally important.
  1. The NCAA Investigation: When will it ever end? Hopefully, this spring, but I would not get my hopes up. There is not likely to be a big penalty placed on the Heels (people have guessed wrong on the NCAA before), but it is still a cloud hanging over the program until it is resolved. How did Cam Newton get cleared so quickly?
  2. Speaking of getting cleared: Devon Ramsey's case is still pending, after the University appealed the original permanently ineligible decision. Michael McAdoo's case was closed (permanently ineligible) earlier this week, but Ramsey still needs cleared or will remain permanently ineligible. It is one or the other, and should not be taking this long. Seriously, I could make the decision pretty quickly.
  3. Depth chart battles: As we head into spring practice, keep an eye out for position battles. Spring practice will not start for a month-or-so, but we can start guessing which positions are up to grabs. Which ones do you think it will be?

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02/11/2011 5:15pm

Cam Newtons clearing was a shamtravesty.

Who is the leader for the rb position? What about carter and sturdivants replacement?

02/12/2011 7:44am

Leader for running back is Ryan Houston with Gio Bernard expected to get a lot of carries if healthy. Linebacker will be Zack Brown and Kevin Reddick with the other spot a little more up for grabs. Herman Davidson probably has the upper hand with Darius Lipford and new freshman Travis Hughes fighting for it. Linebacker position has some serious talent.

02/18/2011 4:17am

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