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Savon Huggins Picks Rutgers Over UNC

Stories like this happens all the time around signing day. A football player picks one school over the other. Sometimes North Carolina gets them and sometimes they do not.

It was not who Huggins picked, but how he picked them that created the stir among Tar Heel fans. 

After a few comments about some select people he went on to put on a hat that happened to be UNC. Everybody cheered because he was a Tar Heel! 

Not so fast.

After a few cheers, he removes the UNC hat to reveal a Rutgers hat making it clear that Rutgers is his school of choice. Wow! Within a few seconds Tar Heel fans are happy and then promptly sad and even mad.

Similar stories happen every year, but in an age where a verbal commitment does not mean much this just does not surprise me.

To further understand what happened watch the video below.