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As I have already mentioned, UNC and Duke have solidified themselves as the Top two teams in the ACC. No bones about it. I really do not believe there is a close No. three so I will not bother with a power rankings this week. The teams in the middle are just too hard to figure out.

With UNC and Duke playing this week, the top team in the rankings is still up to grabs, but Duke would stay on top, for now, in my book due to their collective season. 

That being said, it is interesting that ACCSports.com lists UNC higher than Duke in their weekly power rankings. They even have this to say, "With Kendall Marshall (16 assists against FSU) now in full control of the offense UNC looks like a team with Final Four potential." That is quite high praise.

There is no doubt that North Carolina has improved and is a team to be reckoned with. We will know who is atop the ACC Wednesday night.

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