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What an incredible performance by Kendall Marshall Sunday against Florida State! 16 assists to only three turnovers, 9 very-timely points in 36 minutes. 36 minutes! That's insane, especially, for a player not used to getting much more than 20 minutes per game.

Sunday, he was mentioned in the same sentence as Phil Ford, Ed Cota, and Raymond Felton. Those guys (along with Ty Lawson) are the best point guards in North Carolina history. Not only that they are some of the best passers ever to play college basketball. Yet, Kendall Marshall surpassed Ford and Cota's record of assists as a freshman, and it was the most assists ever by a North Carolina point guard in an ACC game.
The ability of his fellow players to make shots was a big part of his success, but Marshall made it so easy for them to score at time. On several occasions, his passes led to easy layups. Other passes were just insane like the pass out to Henson when Marshall was stuck under the basket. Then Henson makes a long jump shot that we are not used to seeing. 

Any observer can tell that his teammates love playing with him and feel more comfortable playing with him. Yes, I know you can insert a bash Larry Drew comment here. There is something to be said for Marshall's performance on the day Drew left, but here we are going to move on and not dwell on Drew.

I feel good about the future under Kendall Marshall. He was not the No. 1 point guard in the 2010 class. He was called slow-footed, and a below-average shooter. Yes, he is slow, but he moves the ball quickly and shoots surprisingly well when he shoots. 

With the new talent Roy will bring in over the next three years to go along with the talent already in place, great things will happen in Chapel Hill with Kendall Marshall at the helm.

He is the prototypical true point guard that can lead teams to great places, and I am going to look forward to it. 

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