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UNC and Roy Williams have confirmed that Larry Drew has left the team. Williams says that he felt blindsided when Drew's dad, head coach of the Atlanta Hawks, informed him of the news this morning.

In his press conference, Williams looked shaken by the news and seemed disappointed with Drew himself. He even stated that he saw no good reason for Drew to leave at this point in the season. 
Drew has made up his mind so where does the team go now?

Hopefully, they get better. It will give a chance for both Leslie McDonald and Reggie Bullock to get more minutes since Dexter Strickland will likely be the backup point guard. With Bullock playing so well, extra minutes could be great for him and the whole team. 

Presumably, Strickland would be a better point guard than he demonstrated last season, but that is yet to be proven. 

The future is at stake here, as well, since no point guards are committed to North Carolina for next season. Either Strickland will have to prove that he can handle the backup duties, or Roy Williams will have to recruit a point guard in the same fashion as he recruited a big man after last season. Perhaps, he will look at the JUCO levels.

There are a lot of different opinions on the Drew transfer, but no real point in rehashing those. Where the team will go from here is important. Come talk with us about it in the Forums.

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