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The newest edition of the the Music City Miracle, not to be confused with the Titans-Bills NFL version, might cause a rule change. The NCAA Football Rules Committee is likely to put into effect a 10-second runoff for offensive penalties at the end of each half just like the NFL has.

In other words, North Carolina would have never won the Music City Bowl. When the field goal team ran onto the field and T.J. Yates snapped the ball, the flag was thrown for too many men on the field. Under the proposed rule, the 10-seconds would have been runoff and the game would have been over.

Perhaps, it is a good rule, but it takes nothing away from what Butch Davis' team did in Nashville. Not only did they have an amazing comeback, but it was truly one of the most remarkable events you will ever see.

Game over.

Well, maybe not, the rule still has to be approved.


Sharon Toms
02/11/2011 8:01pm

They were in Nashville not Memphis.

02/12/2011 12:21am

You are correct, Sharon. Thanks for that correction. I have edited the article.

02/18/2011 4:17am

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